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Functional Internal Health at PNH

Our doctors are specially trained in diagnosing and treating illnesses and other conditions that affect your internal health.  We use many types of physical and laboratory testing to determine your body’s internal needs.  Based on those findings, we will create a recommendation report to address any complaints or concerns. 


Doctors of Chiropractic Medicine work to encourage the body to function optimally without using prescription drugs or surgery. We often recommend nutritional supplementation, which is well-researched, tested, and of the highest quality. These supplements can be purchased through our online dispensary, Fullscript. 

Our doctors also offer a medication review service to determine whether or not medications you take affect your body’s nutrients.  We have found this service valuable for our patients.  Bring a list of your medications to your next appointment, and our doctors will be happy to review it!

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Visit Fullscript, our online supplement store.  
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1:45pm – 6pm

7am - 12pm

9am - 12pm, 1:45pm – 6pm


7am - 12pm, 2pm - 4pm

8am - 10am


Clinic Hours:

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We happily accept most insurance plans including BCBS PPO,

Advocate BCBS HMO,

Cigna, Humana, Medicare, and United Healthcare.

No insurance? No problem. We are proud to offer affordable healthcare and flexible payment options for our patients.

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