The Center for Progressive Natural Health is Changing the Definition of Health Care

Join Progressive Natural Health in redefining health care. We believe the term "mainstream" should represent the natural approach to health. This includes manipulation, diet, vitamins and minerals, acupuncture, and exercise. "Alternative" options should be considered that of medicine, injections, and surgery.

Our goal in 2016 and beyond is to offer our patients a way to avoid or eliminate the need for prescription drugs and regain good health and vitality. By using the directives of chiropractic, functional medicine, first line therapies, ultrametabolism, and detoxification programs, Dr. McGinn and and his team are able to accurately diagnose and redirect your health to follow a natural mainstream approach. The results that you will experience include pain relief, increased mobility, weight loss, less medication, increased energy, and a healthier lifestyle leading to a better quality of life.

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